Culminating Experience Requirement

Students in programs leading to a master's degree at San Francisco State University are expected to strive for maximum competence throughout their program of study. Conferences with advisers and other professors, coursework, examinations, research reports, academic records, and other instruments should provide a pattern of evidence that a student is working successfully toward his/her academic and professional goal. Near the close of candidate's period of study for the degree, s/he is required to give a final demonstration of competence in scholarly and professional attributes. This final culminating experience should provide visible evidence of the scholastic excellence achieved by the student which, in turn, reflects on the quality of graduate study in the major department. In accordance with Title 5 of the California Administrative Code, this culminating experience can be met by the satisfactory completion of a thesis, field study, or internship and the comprehensive examination, or in some cases a combination of more than one of these.

Students in the Communicative Disorders program can elect any one of three combinations of culminating experiences:

  • Option 1: CD 882 (6): Internship in CD and Master's Comprehensive Examination
  • Option 2: CD 898 (3) Thesis and Oral Defense and and an Elective by advisement (3)
  • Option 3: SPED 895 (3) Field Study and Oral Defense and and an Elective by advisement (3)

Students who wish to pursue doctoral studies or to work with faculty who are engaging in research are encouraged to discuss the thesis with a CD adviser. Complete descriptions of thesis and field study requirements can be obtained from the University Graduate Division Office. The focus of this field study must be determined prior to enrollment.

»Click here to download the Master's Thesis Guide for CD Students.