Companion Care and Driver

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Sunday, May 10, 2015 - 21:15
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Vanessa Wong
Summer job, but has potential to carryover into the fall semester

Great job opportunity for this summer!!

Companion care for a wonderful lady who has non-fluent aphasia and apraxia of speech. She would need transportation to and from Aphasia Center in Oakland for one to two days a week.

Thursdays: Pick up at 9:30am (she lives in Richmond District) and drive to the Aphasia Center in Oakland, get back to SF around 2:30-3pm. Below is the job description from her sister:

The companion would pick her up from home and drive to the Aphasia Center. If possible, the companion would stay with her during the class to see what material they are going over. Or if not, then she or he would perhaps run some basic errands during this time, such as grocery shopping. There are supermarkets and a commercial center near the Aphasia Center so perhaps the companion could take my sister to go shopping for food or other things. Then the companion would take her back home. They could work on “homework” from the aphasia center and engage in conversation that would be helpful for her to work on her communication and also just have her be in touch with people and events. You will have to guide me in the range of remuneration for type of work as I am not quite versed in this area, but I feel that we will also compensate for the driving by using the IRS standard mileage rates for CA. If you are interested, you can contact me at

You can also contact me (Erin Campbell) at if you have questions.

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Need to have a car
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