Tutor (ideal for SLP Grad candidate)

Date posted: 
Monday, October 26, 2015 (All day) to Tuesday, May 31, 2016 (All day)
Employer Name: 
Christine Kantor
TBD - willing to work with tutor on best location(s) to facilitate progress for child & tutor: child's school, our home, etc.
Contact Person: 
Christine Kantor
Applicable Field of Study: 
Communicative Disorders, SLP, and/or Reading & Language Comprehension
Who should apply: 
Ideal for an SLP candidate or a graduate student getting a specialization in autism.
TBD - see details.
TBD with tutor candidate(s).
open posting until position is filled.

Job Description: TUTOR(S)

Looking for a mature individual with a great sense of humor to tutor Ethan, a 12 year old 7th grade boy with weak language processing and reading comprehension.

A great learning opportunity working closely with school teachers and the student. Ethan is in a mainstream class.

Language and writing is hard work for Ethan, so tutor will need the ability to use humor and/or be tough as situationally required to facilitate learning. A playful attitude but a get down to business realism will work best.

Ethan’s Strengths:
Visual Pattern Seeker (example, he taught himself to decode at age 2)
Wants to keep up with the group & please others
Great Sense of Humor

Ethan’s Weaknesses:
Language processing.
Comprehension of Non-literal Meaning
Difficulty with Pragmatics or difficulty with what is inferred in conversation.

Days & Hours:

TBD with tutor’s availability and what can best be worked out.
Tutor may wish to go in during school hours and/or after school.
School ends at 2pm Wednesdays & 3:30pm all other days of the week.
Currently Ethan attends the onsite Afterschool Program where he does homework with peers, so we would need to work out what is the best way forward.


Ethan is unique and we have experienced many who thought they had the qualifications but did not have the natural instincts required to do the job. In many instances, teachers are learning in equal parts to their teaching him, therefore, it is very much a job in which you will learn transferrable skills and we will impart to you everything we (teachers and parents) can to help you.

Pay vs. Volunteer:
TBD - open to discussion.

Skills & Abilities: 
Looking for a mature individual with a great sense of humor as well as enough authority & natural instincts required to facilitate progress.
Job Poster: 
Tutor (ideal for SLP Grad candidate)
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